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Subsidy Program

City of Windsor Basement Flooding Protection

The Basement Flooding Protection (BFP) subsidy program was launched on May 3, 2011, by the Windsor City Council. The program extends financial support to homeowners to install flood protection devices such as sump pumps and backwater valves on their property. The financial subsidy is available for installing a sump pump and/or backwater valve and disconnecting foundation drains from the floor drain. 

The City Council has also introduced a special provision that allows the applicants to ‘fast-track’ their subsidy approval process, further easing the rebate disbursement for homeowners. Get all the information you need on the subsidy application process below. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact Brookdale Basement Solutions for any questions you may have and to get a free estimate.

The Process

Here’s how the subsidy process works:

  • As your contractor, we are required to obtain a permit for the job from the City and will commence the work upon permit receipt.

  • Our team will submit pre-construction photos of the area needing work along with a pre-condition assessment form.

  • We also provide the homeowner with an estimate outlining the amount covered by the City and the balance amount to be settled by the customer.

  • A final inspection by the City will be performed to ensure that the work done meets code.

  • Upon approval of the final inspection, the payment due will be cleared, and the invoice will be generated.

  • To receive the subsidy, we must submit all paperwork, including the paid invoice, signed estimates and your signed Acknowledgement of Responsibility and Liability Waiver, to the City of Windsor.

Eligible Subsidy Amount

Homeowners living in the City of Windsor who don't owe any amount to the City in the form of back taxes or overdue payments are eligible to apply for the subsidy. The subsidy amount is limited to a maximum of $2,800 per property:

  • Backwater valve(s) installation - Up to 80% of the cost ($1,000 maximum)

  • Sump pump installation with sump pump overflow and disconnect floor drains - Up to 80% of the cost ($1,750 maximum)

  • Only sump pump overflow installation to discharge outside to surface (applicable on existing sump pumps only) - Up to 80% of the cost ($300 maximum)

  • Install backwater valve and sump pump with sump pump overflow - Up to 80% of the cost ($2,800 maximum)

  • Disconnect foundation drains from a floor drain and/or dye testing and camera work as required - Up to 80% of the cost ($400 maximum)

The Program Does Not Cover

  • Replacement of an existing sump pump

  • A backup sump pump

  • Addition of another sump pump

  • Upgrade of a sump pump

  • Replacement of a backup valve (except cast iron would qualify)

  • Work performed for which a permit cannot be obtained

  • Supply and installation of an electro-pneumatic backwater valve




You are entitled to obtain independent legal advice before signing.

In consideration for participation in the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program [the “Program”], I/we, an Applicant(s), understand, acknowledge, and agree that:

a) I/we am/are the owner(s) of the property stated herein;

b) The Applicant(s) are fully and solely responsible for any and all work as carried out through the Program, including but not limited to, the choice of eligible contractors, the selection and/or installation of materials, the work, improvements, and/or modifications conducted, and any and all other work procedures [collectively the “Work”], regardless of whether said Work was carried out as part of, or in association with, the Program;

c) The Corporation of the City of Windsor [the “Corporation”] assumes no responsibility for the methods, workmanship, or any action or inaction, by the contractor, which the Applicant(s) may find to be unacceptable;

d) Any issues the Applicant(s) may have arising from the Work will be addressed by the Applicant(s) directly with the contractor, and the Corporation is not responsible for doing so;

e) Should any of the Work be removed within 5 years of the completion date, the total amount of the subsidy provided through the program shall be repaid by the Applicant(s) to the Corporation;

f) The Corporation is entitled to disconnect the property’s downspout, at the Corporation’s cost.

g) The Corporation assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, injury, expense, or any other matter that may arise, or that may be incurred, as a result of the Applicant(s)’s participation in Program, as a consequence of any cause, including the negligence of the contractor, the Corporation, and/or their employees and/or agents.

h) Participation in the Program is not a guarantee by the Corporation that future flooding will not occur;

i) The Applicant(s) hereby release and hold harmless the Corporation, its employees and/or agents, from any and all Claims associated with participating in Program, including losses from future sewer backups resulting from the failure of any of the Work carried out under this Program, howsoever arising;

j) The Applicant(s) are responsible to ensure that a building permit is obtained within 1year of receiving Building Inspector approval to proceed with eligible work under the program

I/we understand and agree that I/we have been given the opportunity to seek independent legal advice prior to signing this document, and hereby accept full responsibility for complying with all of the terms set forth therein.

I/we represent and warrant that I/we are authorized to bind all owners on title to this Property. The City is entitled to rely on this Acknowledgement and Waiver as evidence that all owners on title to the Property consent and agree to the execution of this Acknowledgement and Waiver and the assumptions and risks herein, and I/we hereby indemnify the City for any damage and other claims that may be made by any other owner or other interest in the Property as a result of the execution of this Acknowledgement and Waiver, which shall be binding on all property owners, their heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, and successors and assigns.

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